Hi Ho hi ho it’s off to work I go….

10/14 Hi Ho off to work we go. We are off to Lake Havasu Resort to start our winter housekeeping job. We are excited for another adventure. Even after of living in the RV for a year, we still are loving it. It is a dream come true!!

It was so cold this morning Peanut didn’t want to get out of bed….lol
Going down the road
You can see forever, a lot of green and brown.
1st house I’ve seen in a hundred miles!
A strange building out of nowhere!
Terrain is changing, more trees..
Breath taking
Rock Formations
Little house on the prairie….lol
Yes, David found me pumpkin ice coffee at a truck stop !!!
The most beautiful clouds and the sky is so blue.
These spiny plants are starting to show up.
These are new too, fern like plants.
Scenic formations
Lake Havasu
Getting closer….excited!
View of mountains at the RV Resort
What??? Palm trees in Arizona???
We have arrived!!

We met our boss and she gave us a ride around the resort. There are 265 campground sites, 2 pools and hot tub. A club house where they serve breakfast and dinner 4 times a week. They even have a recreation director, who oversees all the activities that go on at the resort, things like bingo, pot luck dinners and even dances. David and I will be doing housekeeping duties, bathrooms, showers, rec room and office.

After we got settled in, we took a ride into lake Havasu city and got our 1st mini tour. Our boss was kind and gave us a map of the city. We met another couple who will be volunteering in the office and doing bingo.

1st time I’ve ever seen cactus…incredible!
Condos overlooking the lake.
Lake Havasu

Topped off the evening with pasta, olive oil, garlic and shrimps. Yummmy!!

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